Friday, 17 October 2008

Handsome Isaac

picture taken on 24th August 2008
Isaac @ 12 and a half months

Okay, I'd be the first to admit it. My son isn't HANDSOME. But I'd say he's mighty CHARMING! *grinz* Especially when he flashes his grin at ya. Don't you think?! :)

I always used to wonder (before I had kids), would I be one of those parents who claim that their kids is the most pretty and most handsome children of all? Now, I think about it, I suppose I can be objective enough to say that Isaac isn't exactly handsome per se. But he's quite cute, right? :) But then, almost all children are quite cute lah - yes yes trying to be sensitive and politically correct here - but it is TRUE lah :p

But sometimes, occassionally, Isaac would actually look HANDSOME in some pictures! :) Like this one above! Pity it's a bit dark, but other than that, I think he looks great there!

My Isaac!!! :)

p.s. found it! This was the other picture that I felt Isaac looks handsome in *grinz*

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