Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Isaac @ Commonwealth

Here's where Isaac's king! King of the Commmonwealth! hahaha... My parents in laws' place is in Commonwealth. We send Isaac there every workday morning, and we pick him up and bring him home every night.
Isaac's my in laws' first grandchild, and hence, supremely doted upon. Here's Isaac in his Kingdom! :)
My parents in law are very protective of Isaac and are very worried that he falls down, or knocks himself etc so they're constantly either holding on to him, literally hovering around him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.
Isaac doesn't give them an easy time either as he loves to climb. Climb climb climb! On the chair, on the table, on the sofa...
But our cheeky hero's wormed his way deep into his grandparents heart :) So much so that even though my mother in law's wrist hurts, she still happily welcomes him every morning.
And sometimes, Isaac hangs on to my father in law so much that my FIL can't go off on his weekly trips to Chinatown! Before Isaac was born, my FIL used to go off into Chinatown almost everyday. He would go to the art galleries to look at the art, and talk to his friends etc. Since Isaac was born, he has cut down his daily visits to once a week during the weekdays, and during the weekends. So, sometimes he can't even go during the weekday trip coz Isaac "doesn't allow" him to! hahaha...
pictures above taken on 6th August 2008
Isaac @ 1 year old exactly!!! :)

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