Monday, 13 October 2008

Isaac goes to work?

See, Boss Isaac at work. Sitting on his Personal Assistant's lap. His PA is very good. Other than making sure Isaac is able to reach for the laptop, she also helps him with tricky maneuvers that require the intricate use of the mouse, and also, a very handy feature, is that she holds up the phone to his ears when a call comes in for him! Great for multi-tasking!
Oh, and another great thing about this PA is that she points out that the Boss is tired and entertains him! kekeke...
This is an activity that the Boss likes to indulge in - car climbing!!! :) See the Boss in action! And his subjects surrounding him to ensure his safety!!! :)

video and pictures above taken on 10th August 2008
Isaac @ 12 months and four days!

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