Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Isaac & Gong Gong

picture taken on 13th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

Here's Isaac with my Dad. They've been spending more time together since the girls left for the States with their parents and my Mum. hahaha... Well, it's not that they didn't spend time together before... It's just that my Dad's always been kinda busy with the girls and all, but now, since it's just Isaac, no prizes for guessing who gets all the attention now.

We go back to my parents' place for dinner twice a week, and then on weekends, we sometimes meet my Dad for breakfast on Saturday morning, and if we go for mass on Sunday evenings, we go back my parents' place after that.

So in all, we see my Dad at least twice a week, sometimes as many as four times. Not too bad lah, right? kekeke...

He's been keeping himself very busy though.

He's been clearing out the storeroom, and the patio. And he's painted the garden walls, and the main gate. He even painted the front door (just the outside though, coz he says the inside is fine :p). He chopped down a few plants in the garden - he said it was getting too big and tall.

He now swims every weekday night instead of three times a week. And he got us to get him a pair of running shoes, as he's been walking to Bt Batok Nature Reserve or sometimes Bt Timah Hill on Sat/Sun mornings. He happily tells us about how he has slimmed down and is more fit now. Sighz. I also want...

I've also slowly brought him fractions of my vast dvd collection, for his viewing pleasure. In the beginning, he went through quite a few of them a week - alright maybe not THAT many, about, say 3 or 4 a week? Then later, he slowed down quite a lot, till almost zero - "I'm too busy!" he says!!! hahaha... he was busy with all the whitewashing...

My Dad's an alright cook, and so he can cook simple meals for himself. But think most of the time, he just eats outside for dinner, or just makes himself a simple meal. He doesn't take much for dinner anywayz, coz he's watching his health, you see.

Once, on Sunday, we came back after noon time mass, and he was eating a peanut butter sandwich. I asked him:"Is THAT your lunch???" and he said "Yes" albeit a little guiltily. I was like "Huh... do you want us to get you some proper lunch? coz we're gonna go get some right now." and he was like "No, no, this is fine... staying alone is like that one - can eat anything I want!" hahahhaa...

Oh, I'd say he's doing fine. When people ask him how he's coping, that's what he replies as well. But think he misses my Mum and the girls... Recently, when Auntie Vera asked him:"How? Do you miss your wife and granddaughters or not?" He said:" Yes, of course!!!" :)

See, when the grandfather have grandkids - dun care about his own kids liaoz... we're non-existent!!! kekekeke.... KIDDING lah!!!

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  1. You are a very good daughter. I am sure your Mum, sis and dad appreciate you doing all this for him.

    Isaac looks very different in the photo and your Dad has indeed slimmed down plenty, the last time I saw him. That's his secret I see.

    It's not easy cooking for oneself, and any Singaporean has to count themselves lucky to have access to so much variety. If he is living in Australia, peanut butter sandwiches may be eventually become the staple. ;-)

    I read in a recent Mens' Health Magazine that a lightly spread peanut butter sandwich is not a bad source of energy, but I couldn't remember what they compared it to. It could be to a muffin, which probably has more sugar and no energy providing nuts.

    I am spreading it lightly and only having them after an exercise regime, so that I do not feel half as guilty having it. Compared to the stuff at Old Chang Kee, I can only dream ...


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