Friday, 17 October 2008

Isaac shares a secret with Papa!

Here's another cute picture of hubbs and Isaac. At least I thought it was cute - looks like Isaac is whispering in hubbs' ears.
picture taken on 23rd August 2008
Isaac @ 12 and a half months

I've been complaining to hubbs. That he doesn't take pictures of me with Isaac. That I don't have enough pictures with Isaac even though I spend more time with Isaac than hubbs does! (technically, if we count the minutes ;p)

My theory is, that of course Isaac knows now that I love him very much and that I spend time with him. He's like Mummy 80% / 20% Papa now. But what about when he grows up?! We all know that we can't recall what happened when we were THAT young, and the only "memories" we have of such a young age is likely to be from photos or from what people tell him.

Thus if he reads all these blog entries - he'd think all I did with him was to breastfeed him?!?! whilst Papa did so many things with him!?!? hummpphh!!! no fair!!!

So I've been bugging hubbs these few days. He gives his excuses of course, claims that he's not a very "photography person" that he doesn't know how to caryy a camera with him at all times and snap pix like I do. Of course I had my come back to that: "So how come you want to buy an SLR camera (which is like more than a thousand dollars) since you're not photographic-like?!?! HUH!?!?!?"

kekekeke... GOTCHA! ;p

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