Thursday, 2 October 2008

Isaac with ET at 12 months

Finally, we actually remembered to take pix of Isaac with ET on the 6th itself. Was actually quite determined to remember it this time round coz it's Isaac's 1 year old birthday exactly! :)
It's not easy to take pix with ET nowadays. Partly coz Isaac's big already, so he moves around, grabs ET, etc... can't get him to lie still beside ET for us to take pix to measure their height. As you can see, we've resorted to just taking pix of the two buddies, nevermind that the positioning's not accurate.
Also, ET is getting in on age, and his long neck ain't strong enough to withstand the pull of gravity on his long head, causing it to tilt down towards his feet. I've been thinking how I can prop up his head... Maybe do a minor op, insert a splint right where his spine should be... hmmm...
above pictures taken on 6th August 2008
Isaac @ 12 months exactly!!! :)

As of today, early October 2008, Isaac is about a head taller than ET, when standing up! :) He's grown a lot taller, hasn't he?! :)

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