Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Morning time!

It's morning time again! :) I like this picture above, but it'd blurrr... dun care, decided to show you guys anywayz hahaha... made it smaller though, so it doesn't look as blur.
Is it just me, or does Isaac's face look a little rounder now? kekeke... finally... he's putting on a little weight after months of stagnant weight... I don't want him to be a mini sumo, but not too skinny either...
kekeke...showcasing... Isaac's tuft of hair!!! ;)

And here are some crawl vids! I love vids! Hard to document though. Oh, I'm planning to pdf every post in this blog and bind them into a book. Good idea huh!? Excellent idea!!! kekeke... anyone with a good and inexpensive bookbinder to reccommend?

pictures and videos above taken on 10th August 2008
Isaac @ 12 months plus

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