Thursday, 13 November 2008

Breakfast walk

This is actually near the place where we always meet my dad for breakfast on Saturday mornings. We go there to eat kuay chup :p yum yum...
So while we eat, usually one of us would have to entertain Isaac. Walk him around or something. Look at the birds, look at the cat, look at the plants & flowers, look at the ants, look at aunties and uncles eating breakfast :)
This is also the first time Isaac's wearing the Crocky shoes. He loves them! They're kinda huge for him still, but coz he was wearing this cute one piece pyjama suit which had leg coverings as well, these were the only shoes that could fit over them! hahaha...

Enjoy the vid of Isaac walking... :)

pix & vid taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

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