Friday, 21 November 2008

Isaac & Jor-el

Isaac & friends: Jor-el

Guess who came to play? Jor-el!!! He's hubbs secondary school friend's son (and it's a female friend too, even though hubbs came from Catholic High which is all male school. When confronted with that fact, hubbs admits that Jor-el's mummy's from a group of gals that he and his group of friends got to know during secondary school... tsk tsk tsk... see lah see lah... kekeke...)
Well, for those of you who are into Superman, and wondering... yes, Jor-el apparently was named after the character of the same name in Superman... Jor-el's Daddy's a Superman fan, as you can tell by now. Jor-el's a nice name though... more cool than Clark. And certainly, Isaac is a waaaay coooler name than Peter Parker ;)

Here's Isaac trying to hold on to all his toys to prevent Jor-el from getting to them! hahahaa...
pix taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus
Jor-el @ 13 months (I think)

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