Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Isaac & Mummy!

Yay!!! Little Charlene agrees with Auntie Pam that Isaac should have more pix with his Mummy!!! :) So after much nagging by yours truly, hubbs is actively taking more pix of us both - well, as actively as can be, given his previous state of 'inactiveness', still leaves much to be desired but improvement is almost 300% (due to the small denominator HAHAHA)
Anywayz, hubbs claims that when he wanted to take pix, I often say I don't look "nice enough" - as in, I feel underdressed, or unkempt, or oily, or whatever. Hmmm... fair enough. So! I've decided not to reject photo taking coz of these reasons wherever possible (read: whenever not so jialat kekeke...) I figured my toothy smile would cover all bases ;p
But then, now, my complain is - how come I can always manage to catch Isaac and hubbs in pictures where BOTH look nice, smiley and all, but hubbs doesn't?! sob sob. Isaac always don't smile in pix with me one. hummmphhh... WHY YOU SO LIDAT?! ;p
pix above taken on 21st September 2008
Isaac @ 13 and a half months

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