Thursday, 6 November 2008

Isaac parades... TOPLESS!!!

Isaac's exactly 15 months old today!!! Happy 15 months old, Isaac!!! :) *mental*note* must remember to take pix with ET tonight... *m*n*Here's our hero. Strutting around topless, while we prepare his bath water.
Sometimes, Isaac doesn't want to wear his clothes at all. He'd struggle and make complain noises when put on his clothes for him.
This time, this he wet his onesie drinking water or something, so we wanted to change him outta it - and he refused to put on clothes after that. So we said:"Ah.... pong pong!!!" hahahaha...
He's a big boy now, ain't he? Quite tall and relatively slim. Just like his Papa. Okay lah, good to get this from his Papa... rather than be a short fat bom bom like me, right? sobz ;p
pix taken on 14th Sept 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

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