Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Shave it all!!!

This is Isaac's latest haircut. Or rather, this is the BEFORE shot of the haircut. Previously, we had left a small tuft in the front, right? Coz hubbs and in laws that it was cute. Ok it is, rather.

So this time, hubbs wanted to leave two tufts - one on each side of the head. Which I was soooo not in favour of. Oh, why? Coz look like those china babies of old, where they have either the tuft in front, or the two tufts at the side, or all three tufts.
I felt that the two tufts would look awful, but hubbs insisted. So I shaved Isaac down the middle, and while he was bawling away, I looked at hubbs and said:"So how? Still want to leave the 2 tufts?" coz it was really very ugly!!! hahahhaa luckily hubbs finally saw for himself that it was awful looking, and gave me the go ahead to just cut Isaac's whole head of hair short...

So here it is!!! :)
Number 1 all the way. Short short short...Quite cute also lah, huh... :)
See the side of his head, not much hair still... Hope more will grow out... :p
Here's Isaac trying to give hubbs a hand in marking his exam scripts! kekeke... We're just thankful he didn't tear any up!!!
Look at Isaac in shoes and all. Really makes him look like a big boy already yah. A colleague of mind just commented the other day, that she was surprised to see Isaac in person and see that he is quite small sized - coz he looks quite 'big' in the pictures. hahaha...
pix taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 and a half months

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