Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

hi everyone!!! Merry Christmas!!! hahahaha... yes yes, so sorry for MIAing... As many of you would have guessed, we went of to the States, and just got back not too long ago. We all fell sick immeidately after we got back, which is largely why I haven't been blogging.

In fact, I'm onto my second course of medicine, and my flu's still not showing signs of letting up. As of right now, my nose is completely blocked, and I have to stop in between brushing teeth to breathe!!! hhahahaa...

However, I do have to confess, it's my current obsession with boardgames that's also keeping me away from blogging! hahahaha... I've been having a great time buying loads of boardgames online, sent them to my sister at Stanford, so I could go bring them back when we come back from the States.

Yeah, they're much cheaper to buy online in usa, coz the games sold here in sgp are mostly imported from the states. So, I save on the shipping costs and profit margins of the local sellers, which make the games I buy about 30% to 50% of the prices here!

We went to usa with 3 suitcases of which 2 were filled with our clothes ( winter time for 17 days for 2 adults and a toddler - not bad already okay...) and came back with 4 and a half luggages! 2 of which were filled with my games!!! wooohoooo!!!

hubbs had a big purchase too! he bought a BICYCLE!!! hahahhaa... yes, he actually bought a full sized road bike - it's still there though. We got it sent to mr Thor, hubbs' good friend in Arlington, Texas (whom we visited! and had a great time with!) and he's gonna be bringing back the bike with him when he comes back next month for Chinese New Year. So that's a belated xmas gift to himself he got there! :)

All in all, this is a good christmas for us coz of all these gifts we have HAHAHA... but it's horrid coz of the flu and all. I'm down bad, and Isaac's got it bad too. We kinda got sick in the first place coz Isabelle passed the bug to Isaac whilst we were visiting them. and I got it from Isaac, and hubbs got it from us. But how'd you tear the kids apart, when they're so totally enjoying each other's company???

Isabelle especially, was thrilled at having Isaac over, and she absolutely loved playing with him, and so did Isaac love playing with his Isabelle cheh cheh. She would constantly reach out to hug and kiss him, and pinch his cheeks saying "Isaac, you sooooooo cute!!!" then she would tickle tickle him, and make him laugh by making funny faces and jumping up and down and doing all sorts of funny actions. Towards the end of the trip, when we told Isabelle that we were leaving to return to sgp, and we asked if she would miss us, she said she would only miss Isaac! and that Isaac was her best friend! hahahaa :)

Ah well, what's a little sniffle now and then huh :D

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