Monday, 5 January 2009

Eat cheese!

Here's my Isaac eating cheese. We've been trying to get him to eat cheese and yoghurt and other stuff filled with calcium coz... yes, he's still drinking milk from me and me only. sighz. how'd you say No when he looks at you with pleading eyes and signs "milk", "please" and "thank you" continuously over and over again??? yes, yes, wean ME off, I'm the troublesome one to wean coz I can talk and think of reasons to postpone the date of cold turkey again and again...

So anyway, here's Isaac enjoying his cheese. He loves cheese coz it's salty. He seems to prefer salty tasting stuff to sweet tasting stuff. This is also the first time I allowed him to hold the cheese himself - and he did a great job of feeding himself! Just had to help him a little with the cheese wrapper :) Good job, Isaac!
pix taken on 27th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

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