Thursday, 29 January 2009

Eating milk powder!?

Oh the good news!

Guess what?!?!?! Isaac's started eating milk powder!!! And I mean LITERALLY EATING the milk powder!!!

We've been trying to get him to drink formula milk for the longest time, right? Tried all the brands of formula and even tried fresh milk - to no avail. So there're like tons of milk tried and rejected in all the houses (our place, and both grandparents' place).

One night, at my parents place, he somehow sussed that the stuff in the Pediasure milk can is some kinda food. So he asked for it. We laughed, asking him:"You want this? sure.... hehehehe..." scooped some out into a bowl for him, gave him a spoon, and amazingly... he started to scoop it up and into his mouth!

*GAPE* *blink*blink*

I couldn't believe my eyes!!! He was actually EATING MILK POWDER!!!

This happened 2 weeks ago, and since then, he's finished his first tin of 500g of milk powder!!! HURRAH!!! wonders never cease!!! yay!!! Our prayers have been answered!!! Well, not exactly - I mean, he wasn't exactly DRINKING milk, but then, this is a great start, right?! yay!!! wooohoooo!!! :)

So, both grandmas have been giving him milk powder. While he eats it, the grandmas get him to drink water too (usually I tell him to jump after that, so he'd have milk in his tummy kekekeke... kidding!!!).

Though, he's not drinking as much water as he should - like he can eat 3 scoops of milk powder, which should have been mixed with 120ml of water, but he doesn't drink as much. So his Ah Ma's kinda worried, and just told me last night that she will cut down his milk powder intake as she's afraid he'd get all heaty and develop a fever.

Sighz. Kinda have mixed feelings about that, coz I want Isaac to take as much as he can, but yet, I don't want him to come down with fever either. Dang! If only he'd drink milk properly!

Ah Ma says her grandson refuses to drink milk when she mixes the formula with water - but he eats it powder form, or in a paste form.

My mum, Isaac's Popo, has had some success with milk though. She would give it to him in a cup, dip bread in it and give it to him, which he takes. But milk on its own, he doesn't.

What a wierd boy I have! kekeke... my boy indeed! Just like me! kekeke...

I love to ask him, tongue in cheek, whether he'd had his "white powder" today. kekekeke... "white powder" in Teochew dialect is "beh hoong" - which means drugs! hahahaha... When I come home from work, Isaac runs to me and signs "milk milk milk" and behaves like a drug addict craving for his fix - my MIL would say that his source of opium is back. hahaha... so let's hope he switches to his new drug - the white powder - milk! :)

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