Saturday, 17 January 2009

Got milk?

hey guys, you know me, deep down in me, I've got a serious case of verbal diarrhoea - thankfully, I usually know when to shut up - I think! So, as you know, I haven't been keeping up with the blog huh. And when I'm guilty, I either serially dump you guys a bunch of photos every so often - or I write a whole chunk of thoughts at one shot and bore the hell outta some of you.

hahahaha... too bad for those who don't like reading then :p wait for the pix to roll!

I must say it is totally unsatisfactory that I can't blog as often as I would like to. Coz kids grow so fast!!! Isaac is now 17 months old, and he can walk, almost run, almost talk, and most defintely, he's able to argue back at us - in gibberish!

And often, I'd be thinking of something which makes me go - I should write this in my blog! hahaha... Just one such incident made me think this lately... and I thought, I think I should write about this NOW instead of going to sleep. It's Friday night, afterall.

It was Tracy & Eric's big day on 28th Dec 2008. So the bunch of us Spyderz were the "sisters" gang, right. So, Eric had picked Tracy up already, and we were all on our way to Eric's place as the proceedings go. Hweech, Cel, SQ and I were in the car of one of the "brothers" - a very decent, pleasant Nice Guy, whom I have forgotten his name already.

I sat in the front with him, and tried to make small talk. And coz he had a child car seat in the car, I naturally asked him if he had a kid, and how old the kid was. Apparently, his kid was about the same age as Isaac. So we had a nice time talking about both our sons.

At some point, it naturally came up that I was still breastfeeding Isaac. Nice Guy immediately expressed surprise that I was still bf-ing Isaac as Isaac was already 16 months old. The next question came naturally: "You still have milk?"

At which point, I heard an audible gasp coming from Hweech as the 3 gals in the backseat all silenced to hear my response.

Without skipping a beat - I responded:"Oh, my supply is not as high as before - but still have." Nice Guy nodded his head sagely and said:"Wah very good, really salute you." and we continued our conversation about our boys.

At that, I heard Hweech say something to the effect of :"It's amazing how parents can talk about something so intimate as milk supply in such an objective manner!" and they broke out in incredulously-amazed laughter.

hahahahaa... and so right she is! And I think that's what's so beautiful about being parents! We see the world in a whole new different light!

And who says Singaporeans are unfriendly?! We're just shy! And being parents will break those barriers! Isaac has opened our doors to conversations with so many people! People are always keen to play with Isaac, and talk to us about him and about their own kids. We have gotten to know quite a number of neighbours living in our housing estate just like that.

In fact, it started ever since I was pregnant. Strangers would ask when I was due, whether it was a boy or a girl. Yes, boring, same old questions - but otherwise, how'd we ever start talking? It's a great start! They also started offering tips of their own, what worked for them, where to get stuff, methods of getting around problems, reccommendations...

We love how Isaac would bring a nice start to someones' day coz he smiled at them at 6.45am in the morning, or how he clapped his hands and waved goodbye. In fact, my favourite is in the mornings, when we're in the car, and we occassionally stop beside a truckload of foreign workers on their way to their worksite - we would ask Isaac to wave hello and smile at them - and you see at least ten to twelve of them smiling and laughing and waving back at Isaac.

I'd like to think Isaac made their day - or at the very least put a smile in them. I think it is sad that these men have to leave their family and loved ones behind to work in a foreign country just for money... doing manual labour... So, I think Isaac made a difference in their lives. They may not know who Isaac is, or what his name is, but they will remember that little boy who smiled and laughed and waved and clapped his hands for them one morning... and they will recount that to their other friends who didn't have the good fortune to see it, and they will laugh and be happy about it... many times.

And that makes me happy. That makes me proud of the fact that I am a parent, and that my boy brought a little more joy into this world.

Ain't that wonderful? :)

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