Saturday, 31 January 2009


pix taken on 9th October 2008
Isaac @ 14 months

Here's Isaac in church looking at the hymnal (the book which has the all the church songs aka hymns). He loves the hymnal. He would like to flip the pages, looking at the hymns.

Unlike most kids, Isaac actually does not seek to destroy books by crunching up nor tearing up the pages. However, due to the thinness of the paper, Isaac sometimes accidentally tears a bit of the page while he flips the page over. I've been wanting to buy a small scotchtape dispenser and take it to church with me. Hmmm ... must get down to that...

I'd like to think that Isaac has musical inclinations as well - since he likes to look at the hymns which are presented on the page with the musical notes and all. I like to sing, but can't read the bean sprouts for nuts. Hubbs loves to sing too, and his aspiration was actually to learn the piano.

Which he did, by the way. Think at the grand age of 33, he actually went to sign on at Yamaha for a season of lessons for Grade 1. Think he never made it to take the test. But he enjoyed his lessons tremendously. He'd proudly tell you he's Grade 0 (zero) too. We're both proud of the fact that he actually went ahead to do what he always wanted to do, take piano lessons! :) He's stopped now, but he's been trying to cajole me into getting a piano, to see if Isaac wants to give it a try. hahaha... well... we'd see ;)

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