Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Isaac & Amanda @ Zsofi's Bar

Here's Isaac with Amanda! Sighz. so young already go bars with girls... kekeke... Amanda's my colleague Dacon's daughter. We were there to check out the bar for work reasons... REALLY!!!
Isaac's eyeing Dacon's beer... Amanda kept a good watch over it though. Everytime Isaac touched the glass, she'd report him to her father! hahahhaa...
See here, we caught Isaac on film, mabok after sharing the beer with his Papa...
Papa: "You don't drink so much ah!!!"
Boo!!! Bluff you lah! Of course, Isaac didn't drink beer!!! kekeke...

This is Zsofi's Bar - a bar opened by my cousins. Look at the cool murals on the walls! :) they were hand drawn by my cousin Janice and her friends.
As you can see by the throw cushions on the floor and the low tables, this is a kinda hangoutty kinda bar for people to chill out
cool drawings huh! Guess what, they do parties too, so you can like book the whole place for your birthday party or something. It's in a shophouse on Dunlop Street, yes - at little india :p
This pic below shows the bar on the ground floor. Rest of the pix are all upstairs. Drop by the bar sometime! :p
pix taken on 26th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

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