Thursday, 22 January 2009

Swimming with Isaac

Did you notice that there are really more pictures of me and Isaac nowadays?! kekeke... see!!! Nagging DOES HELP!!! kekekeke...
pix taken on 4th October 2008
Isaac @ two days to 14 months old

Isaac really loves the water. He enjoys his bath time, and he loves to go swimming. Though he's definitely more subdued when he swimming as compared to when he's bathing. I think that's coz he feels 'safer' in the tub, compared to the seemingly bottomless pool.

As you can tell, Isaac's been wearing this swimsuit since we brought him swimming when he was 6 months old. Almost a year on, and he's still in them. His weight just hit 10kg in December (when he's about 16 months old) - don't think that's very heavy.

The paediatrician put him at 50th percentile. sighz. To think he was once at 90th percentile - that was when he was like 2 and 3 months old and on an all-day-buffet of fresh-from-the-source breast milk. Sighz. Well, anyway, he seems to be growing fine so we're not too worried... especially... since... GOOD NEWS COMING UP!!! kekkee (NO, I'm not pregnant lah.) ;p

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  1. yeah get your face in those photos ! NAG ON BABE ! So what's the good news?! Managed to stop BF?


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