Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Swimming with Papa!

It was Ayden's one month bash. After eating our fill, we popped down to the pool where Isaac and Papa went for a dip.

As you can see, Isaac's having a great time. He loves going swimming. We go swimming in a number of places - usually to Fitness Network at The Science Hub where hubbs and I are members - great place, hardly anyone there usually ;p it's like having our own private pool sometimes. Sometimes we also go to friends' condos to swim. We've been wanting to bring Isaac to the Jurong West public pool - it's got like a playground in the water hahaha...
We have a big round float for Isaac where he'd usually sit in for awhile. But we will make it a point to take him out and let him float without the float with us supporting him - don't want him to get too used to having a float and be scared of the water.

We also started him on these arm floats which he seems alright with. But here, he's in the baby pool where he can stand.
See, now, so why is it that I can capture such nice shots of Isaac and hubbs smiling while swimming, but hubbs can't do that??? sighz... well, rather than believing that Isaac doesn't tend to smile when he's playing with me (which is NOT true, ok!), I tend to believe that it's coz my photography and especially my "catching the moment" skills are FAR SUPERIOR than hubbs. *grinz* kekeke...
So it looks like I may have to resign myself to fate that I will not have nice pix with Isaac (and the rest of my kids, for that matter) - UNLESS hubbs improves.
Hmmm... actually his skills aren't THAT BAD. I think it is a matter of patience - you have to patiently hang around with a camera to catch the moments. Or, be quick to whip out and snap a picture when the kid is in a smiley mood, ya know.
Which, with Isaac, it's not THAT difficult, is it?!?! Hahahaha... alright, enough already. Otherwise later hubbs fan1 lian3 with me. kekeke...
I couldn't resist uploading so many pix - nice mah, I thought - share them all! kekeke...
Then again, I must give hubbs credit - he IS very good at 'playing' with Isaac, and making him laugh and all. He's more anything-goes - not like me, who can be quite anal at time about rules, and how to do things properly - which is more for games, than for stuff like swimming I suppose. But, you get what I mean.
Anyway, here are the two favourite men in my life! hubbs & my Isaac boy! :) Recently, when I ask " Who's Mummy's darling?" Isaac would pat his chest and say "Me!!!" kekeke...
Then I would reach over and pat hubbs' chest and say "You too, you too!" :)
pix above taken on 12th October 2008
Isaac @ 14 months plus

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