Monday, 23 February 2009

Big grin!

pic taken on 26th October 2008
Isaac @ 14 and a half months

Look at that goofy grin! kekekeke...

ya know, I've decided to stop updating the previous post on what Isaac can do now, he can do too many things and say too many things! hahahhaa... Well, lesson learnt, next time, I shall start a milestone post like that a month ahead and keep it in draft form, then by the time the milestone date arrives - it's ready! kekeke...

By the way, Isaac's hair is much longer now. For awhile, he was increasingly okay with haircuts, but then in the past 2 months, he's started to get terrified again. So, now, when we ask him if he wants to have his hair cut, he'd shake his head violently and say "mai! mai!" which is No! No! in Teochew.

Maybe it's time to leave his hair long, instead of having the crew cut look all the time. Hmmm... we'd see...

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