Monday, 9 February 2009

Lil' ah pek sitting on steps again!

Here's our lil' ah pek sitting on the steps again - though this time, at Commonwealth. Did I tell you about this set of pyjamas? I love it! It has drawings of little train carriages on it all over :p Couldn't resist buying it when I saw it, helped that it was on sale too.
Oh and these were the fake crocs I got Isaac - coz I was thinking:"What if I spent like $50 bucks on a real pair and he didn't like them!?" what a waste of money that'd be! But I needn't have worried - he loves them! He would want to wear them all the time, so much so that his grandparents have to hide them on top of the fridge!
In fact, he liked them so much, that even though he had blisters from wearing them (coz the knob at the side was kinda big) he still wanted to wear them!? I realised he got blisters, brought it to the attention of hubbs - and he promptly binned the fake crocs. hahahaha...

Some weeks later, there was a Crocs sale at the expo - we went and I bought enough pairs for Isaac in ascending sizes that he could wear till he was at least 5 years old, I think! hahaha... But at $20 a pair (compared to $50 a pair) they were a pretty good buy, I guess. I'm not sure I would have paid $50 a pair for them, still kinda pricey for some foamy rubber.

pix & vid above taken on 10th October 2008
Isaac @ 14 months plus

Enjoy the vid! :p

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