Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Our first nice family pic!

Ain't this a nice pic?! Well, I think this is the nicest pic we have of the three of us, so far! Well, yes, Isaac could have been more smiley, but at least both hubbs and I look nice and smiley PLUS I don't look fat!!! kekeke... Well maybe I do (upon closer inspection) - but at least Isaac hid most of it! Okay, stop scrutising and scroll down to see nice Isaac pix!!!
hehehe cute pic huh - was trying to catch the crown on Isaac's head. Didn't quite make it, but still a pretty nice picture. We're actually at my cousin Alvin & his wife Claire's church wedding. Now that I think of it, pity we didn't catch a pic with them together with my camera.
Oh it's the Immaculate Heart of Mary church - IHM, not IMH - which hubbs always says by mistake :p It's a great church! with nice stained glass and all. Congrats, Alvin & Claire!
pix taken on 18th October 2008
Isaac @ 14 months plus

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