Thursday, 12 February 2009

Queen Regina!

Hehehe... no lah no lah, I didn't pop out a baby since the last time you saw me. I was just continuing on my quest of holding as many baby girls as I can... ;p

Remember I mentioned that Isaac's godparents Kok Pin and Pamela had a baby on 10th October 2008? Here's Queen Regina! The meaning of the name "Regina" is "Queen"!
Hey Pam, Kok Pin, have a boy next and call him Rex! kekeke... "Rex" means "King" kekeke...
Here's Isaac trying to climb the cot to get a better view of the Queen. He started throwing toys into the cot too, as offerings to the Queen. We had to tell him:"Regina says "thank you" to you, Isaac. But she doesn't need anymore toys." before he'd stop throwing toys in.

Then again, I think he stopped after WE stopped giving him toys to play with - guess he was being selfless - didn't want to play with the toys, and so he gave it to Regina! hahaha...
pix taken on 25th Oct 2008
Isaac @ 14 months plus
Regina @ 2 weeks

That was the sight Pam and I came out to after our chat in the bedroom about breastfeeding and stuff, and after Regina and Isaac had their milk... Men!?!?!? hahaha...

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