Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sarah's Kyria

pic taken on 24th October 2008
Isaac @ 14 and a half months
Kyria @ 2 months plus

Remember Kyria? We finally got round to visiting her and her mummy more than 2 months after she was born. So here I am, carrying Kyria, and Isaac got kinda J (our code for 'jealous') and wanted to be held by me too.

But at least he didn't smack or scratch Kyria, which was what Isabelle did to Natalie and Isaac when either my sister or my mum carried them. hahaha...

Actually, it was part of our secret plan, that I should go carry baby girls, so that our next baby would be a girl too! kekeke...

Christel, my colleague, says that she carried Isaac when she visited us in hospital when he was born - and after that conceived a boy! :) hehehe... glad we helped!!! She has, by now, given birth already - on the first day of chinese new year too! We're gonna go visit her sometime this week during lunch then can take pix! Congrats Christel!

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