Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Shalom kor kor

Here's Isaac with Shalom kor kor :) Look how big Shalom has grown! He's a big boy now, think Sec 2 this year. Shalom, his brother Isaac, and his family, all hold special places in our hearts. pic above taken on 26th October 2008
Isaac @ 14 and a half months

Blast to the past! Here's us circa 2003! :) We've been friends with the Lims since the Malacca 2002 trip with HappyFriendsClub-MDAS - coz Pey Yng was Shalom's volunteer, and I was Isaac (kor kor)'s volunteer. The pix above shows us all with Shalom, and below us with Isaac.

We used to go to their place once a week during the weekends to play with the boys and have fun. When we started going to their place, hubbs wasn't even interested in me at that time (I think), and at that time, Jeff & PY weren't together as well. After weeks and months of spending weekends there at the Lims, hubbs started to discover what a wonderful being I was, and started to take an interest in me. Helped that I was much skinnier then :p and rebonded hair - yes, mustn't forget that ;p

Jeff too, slowly realised the innate beauty of PY, having already been mesmerised by her outter beauty kekeke... Junhui & Wenbin? kekeke... at that time, if I recall correctly, they were 'finding' each other all over again ;)

Fast forward to present day - we're ALL MARRIED!!! kekeke...

In addition to Chan Peng & Xiaofeng (with Chan Hay & Chan Yu) and Elgin & Ing Shan (with Ayden) - I'd say the HappyFriendsClub has a very good hit rate indeed! :)

Good hearts in good places - do volunteer work, and find your partner in life! GRINZ :D

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