Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Affectionate Isaac

Isaac is a very affectionate boy. He would hug us and interact with us in an affectionate way. Like in these pix, I can be sitting up, and Isaac would come and climb onto my lap and push my shoulders down so that I end up lying on the floor! He's a very strong boy!
Then he'd proceed to rub his face into mine. He also has pretty masochistic tendencies - he'd use his head to knock my head! hahaha... hubbs says he got these tendencies from me - I think he's right. hahahah coz I enjoy using my head to headbutt hubbs too! And now Isaac does that to me!
pix taken on 2nd November 2008
Isaac @ four days to 15 months

Hahaha... yeah, the interesting thing is that Isaac only headbutts me, my mum and my mother-in-law! Nobody else! Not even hubbs! So, think it's a special thing that he headbutts us :) when he did that to my mum, and she was telling me about it, I said:"Wah! It means he likes you! Do you know he only does this to my mother-in-law and me?! and now you! congrats!!! hahaha!!!"

But generally, Isaac is very affectionate and generous with his hugs with those close to him. Which is really nice :) hehehe...

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  1. ooh i love Isaac too ! and been trying hard to refrain from head-butting him hahahahaha ! think i'll do it to his mom instead! *bonk!*


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