Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Amara Sanctuary stay at Sentosa

Thanks to my company, we got a free one night stay at this nice hotel in Sentosa. It was our first time there, and the first time Isaac stayed in any hotel, or any place away from home. We checked in on Saturday afternoon, and will check out on Sunday before noon. Kinda short stay, but we were looking forward to it.
The room's pretty big and spacious, we even had a day bed thingy - the one we're sitting on - above! There's our cheeky hero, having a good time already :)

Pei Teng balloted for the stay too, and got it as well. We took the opportunity to ask Christine and Mindy to come to Sentosa and meet us, and have dinner in the evening.
Pei Teng's unit was on the ground floor, and the room had sliding doors which opened straight out into the side terraces. There were even peacocks roaming freely on the grounds. Look! It was the first time Isaac had come up so close to a peacock, so he was pretty entranced by it. Actually, so the rest of the kids, and all the adults!
See this Ascendas baby? hahahaa it's Pei Teng's son! Isaac has this t-shirt too, but it didn't occur to me to bring it that day. Yes, our company actually gives us this baby tee when we deliver. Cool huh! :)
When we entered the room, and saw this cot, we thought they brought it from home! Geez!!! hahaha but apparently, she requested it from the hotel and they had it. Didn't know that could request for such stuff :p

Look at Jay and Isaac in the cot. Jay was snacking on some oats/cereal, and Isaac was offered some. Isaac hardly snacks, so he was very amazed with the food, and started eating too.
Here we are at the beach! We walked down to it from the hotel. Was just a short walk as we could cut through a path that led down to the beach. The kids were looking forward to playing with sand.
Oh and if you're wondering - yes! Christine is/was pregnant at the time of these pix! :) about 6 months pregnant at that time... so... yes! She delivered already! Ang Kate Lynn was born about a month ago :) Congrats Cheng Nam and Christine!
I think this was Isaac's first time playing with sand. At first he refused to get down into it, think coz it felt kinda funny to have sand in his toes. But once he saw the rest of the kids digging in the sand, he quickly got into the action too.
After awhile, he wasn't entertained anymore, and headed for his favourite - the water! The waves were the novelty this time. He got all wet, and his diapers ballooned and became huge.
So, since we hadn't anticipated this and brought any change in clothes for him - we went back to the hotel and bathed him! :) Nice big bath tub where Isaac had his second round of playing with water!
Look at my cheeky boy! :) Isaac can do this cheeky look, and now, he can even raise his eyebrows at you repeatedly, while maintaining the cheeky look! It's hilarious and everyone loves to see him do it. We keep making mental notes to have to video stuff - and this is one of them!
After breakfast, we saw this courtyard that had lotsa peacocks. So we had a nice time looking at them and managed to catch a nice shot of Isaac with a peacock preening.
Actually, there wasn't much time to do anything before check-out time, so we decided to go for a swim. But the hotel's pool was exceedingly cold! Largely coz it was beautifully shaded - but functionally that turned out very bad coz it meant that the water was freezingly cold!!!
So we went down to The Longkang. hahhahaa... That was what we were calling this shallow pool of sorts down by the beach. It had jets of water shooting out too, was great fun for the kids.
As I was already in my swimsuit, I joined Isaac in the water, blubber and all :p Most of the Ascendas people were there with our kids. So, the adults had a bit of chit chat as well.
I actually bought Isaac this swimsuit when he was about 6 months old, I believe. And he still fits in it! Basically he never really grew sideways. He just kinda grew taller. His waistline was probably the widest when he was 3 months old, just before I went back to work.
But Isaac eats fine - he eats like a bowl of rice per meal, for 3 meals a day on weekdays. Weekends are a little outta whack coz they're not his usual meals cooked by his Grandma, but he still eats pretty well. Yyet, he doesn't put on much weight. So, seems like he's taken after hubbs in that sense. Actually, that's fine with me! Much better to eat and not gain weight, than having to fight the flab all the time! :p See how I managed to have a decent shot of myself - used Isaac to shield me blubber! hahahhaa...
As you know, Isaac loves playing with water (don't most kids! hahaha) so he really had a great time this weekend, first playing with the water on the beach, then in a bath tub when cleaning up, then at The Longkang in the morning, and now before we check out - bathing again! :)
Here he is, on the bed, refusing to put on any clothes nor diapers! Cheeky!!!
And here! with the help of the timer function, we managed to take 2 family pix :) nice? kekeke...
Thus, it was a short stay at Sentosa, and we didn't really do much, but we had a great time! Wooohooo! :)

pix taken on 15th November 2008

Isaac @ 15 months plus


  1. Looks like all of you had plenty of fun!!

    I can't remember but did you actually post any photos of your trip to the States?

    P.S. I am catching up on all the reading now because I have been way too busy at work.

  2. hahaha nope I haven't posted on the states visit yet! just getting to that now! :)


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