Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bouncing castle

It was my company's Family Day, at Fort Canning, and they hand a bouncing castle thingy. It was Isaac's first time in anything like that, so he was pretty amused by it. We couldn't go in with him, so we had to watch him from outside, and make sure he's alright, or that other kids don't bump into him.

Thankfully, only two other kids were in the castle with him when he was there - Fiona's Darius (you see him above, behind Isaac), and Eunice's girl :) So, it was a good thing that I knew Darius' name, coz I could tell him, "Darius, wait, wait for Isaac to move away first, before you jump down." And he did :) He's quite good boy, would patiently wait for Isaac to get out of the way, looked at me for confirmation, and when I nodded, then he would jump down the ramp (yes, he preferred to jump, than slide down the ramp). But partly, I think he was kinda 'scared' also, that's why he listened to me, coz "How come this Auntie know my name!?" hahahah...

pix & vid taken on 1st November 2008
Isaac @ five days to 15 months

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