Tuesday, 17 March 2009

ET & Isaac in November 2008

We haven't forgotten E.T.!!! :) Here they are in November 2008! Look at Isaac trying to tell E.T. to look at the camera! hehehe... actually we stuck E.T. in this position coz he couldn't hold his own head up and needed to be propped.As you can see, Isaac is now more than head taller than E.T.! :) Didn't seem that long ago when we had to lay E.T. on his back, to try to align his feet with Isaac's heels! hahaha... Now, when we go out and see very small babies being carried by others, we always look at them and back at Isaac, and exclaim:"How fast he's grown!"

hehehe that's my affectionate Isaac for you... :)
And as always - Smiley Isaac - He Who Laughs, still laughs and smiles as much as he used to as a baby! :)
pix taken on 11th November 2008
Isaac @ 15 months plus

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