Saturday, 28 March 2009

Head knocking

I can't remember - did I tell you about head-knocking? I think I did...So anywayz, you see, Isaac has this habit of knocking his head on my head, to show his affection. He does this only to me, my mother-in-law and to my mum. Hahahaha... you see the pattern? Must be the motherly lurve... hahahaha...

Sometimes, when Isaac is tired, he would do face-rubbing as well. hahaha... Face-rubbing is when he rubs his face into my face - so that, say, his forehead would rub into my eyes, or his eyes would rub into my cheek bone.

In fact, last time, I used to think he wanted to grab my spectacles coz he was naughty and wanted to play with it. Now, I realise that he only wants to grab my specs when he wants to do some face-rubbing - then the specs are in the way, you see! So, now, when I see him wanting to grab my specs, I know that he wants to face-rub, then I will quickly take off my specs, and engage in some lovely face rubbing! hahaha...

Here's a vid we took at Yew Kiat & Kai Xin's wedding of some head knocking... pix of wedding couple coming up... :) Hubbs only managed to catch a few head-knocks right at the beginning of this short vid...

pix & vid taken on 22nd November 2008
Isaac @ 15 and a half months

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