Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lunch with Tan Family

Tan Family - my side! Yeah both hubbs and I have the surname Tan, so sometimes I forget to specify that we're talking about MY side of the family here.
Can't recall why we suddenly have a lunch gathering thingy, but anywayz, we had fun :) should kinda do this more often. We gathered at the Penang cuisine place at International Business Park, writing this at 3.45am in the morning, I really can't recall neither the name of the restaurant, nor the building it was in. hahhahaa
Here's some great pix of Isaac and his Yew Yi Gu Gu. hahhhaa... "Gu Gu" is Teochew for "uncle (mom's side)". yeah, we're kinda traditional in that sense that we tell Isaac to call our relatives in Teochew dialect. I know Chiang doesn't like being called Gu Gu though... he thinks he sounds like "koo koo" hahahaha... He says:"Just call me Uncle Chris!" hahahaha...
And here's Isaac with his Sar Lao Pek behind him. Sar Pek is my 3rd Uncle - my dad's 3rd (older) brother. dad's older brothers are called "Pek", whereas, younger brothers are called "Zek". Thus the nuances of the Teochew dialect can differentiate and immediately explain a relationship - rather than the generic "Uncle & Auntie" in the english language.
Oh incidentally, did you know, that traditionally, as a daughter-in-law of a Teochew family, I have to 'call' the elders the same as what my children calls. For example, hubbs would call his father's younger bro "Sueh Zek". And I can call the same "Sueh Zek" before I got married to hubbs. But once we are married, my position is demoted by a generation, and I HAVE TO call this same uncle "Sueh Lao Zek" - the "Lao" word basically adds a "grand-" to the title. I.e. I used to be able to call him "Youngest Uncle" but now I have to call him "Grand Youngest Uncle" - basically what Isaac would call him.

So demeaning and sexist, right? tsk tsk tsk... if I did not demote myself and call them that way, I am deemed to be rude to the elders. I love joking about this and telling it to hubbs' relatives who don't know of this, coz he has some relatives who are like 40 plus years old whom I have to call Grand Uncle and Grand Auntie hahahaha...
pix taken on 8th November 2008
Isaac @ 15 months

I can't recall who it was who pointed out to me - think it was Hweech - that, it's funny how we always purse our lips or open our mouths when we try to feed the kids... see what hubbs is doing above! hahaha...

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