Monday, 30 March 2009

Yew Kiat & Kai Xin's wedding

Hehehe... thanks to Facebook, I actually have some pix of the wedding! :) Look at this first pic! Isn't it great?! hahaha I love it! hahhaha...And here's us with my cousins Yew Ling & Yew Yi :) Where's Isaac? With his Gong Gong, I think... hahaha...
Ah! Here's Isaac in this one, struggling... hahaha he was getting a bit cranky coz it was late and he was tired...
All girl cuzzies! What happened to the males!? hahahaha... Isaac, me, Yew Hui, Yew Ling, Yizhen, Janice, Dawn & Dylan :)'Look at Isaac trying to snatch something from Dylan! hahaha... not playing together yet, but snatching things from one another?! YES!
pix taken on 22nd November 2009
Isaac @ 15 months plus;
Dylan @ 12 months plus

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