Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The long awaited USA trip!!!

Haha!!! Yes, finally, the USA trip pix are here! hahaha... not yet... Okay here we start of at the airport, right? My parents sent us to the airport, with my dad stressing poor hubbs out (as usual) with his need to be very early at the airport conflicting with hubbs innate ability to never-be-on-time. kekeke... I told hubbs:"We're used to it... we've lived with him our whole lives!" hahahhaa...
pix taken on 29th November 2009
Isaac @ a week to 16 months

We had actually just picked up Isaac from my in laws' place. Could tell that my father-in-law was almost tearing when we left with Isaac. Thus, it wasn't that much of a surprise when we saw him at the airport! He'd taken the train all the way to the airport, to send off his dear grandson!

Yes, both grandson and grandpa are very attached to one another indeed, having spent a lot of time together during the weekdays while we were at work. Isaac's the apple of his eye! :)

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