Friday, 17 April 2009

San Francisco's Pier 39

This is San Francisco's Pier 39! We went there after Golden Gate Park, to have our dinner. The weather was nice and cool, and not too cold that it was uncomfortable. We had our jackets and all, so were nice and warm. Isaac in particular, took to the cold pretty well.
Oh and thanks to Anne Than for lending Isaac her son jackets and longs! :) Was a great help! Kept Isaac nice and warm - and looked very nice too! ;p Thanks gal!
Look at the super tall Christmas Tree! Yeah, we were there in December, so the Xmas decorations had started to come out already. Good! Nice and cheery and colourful for us.
Here's a nice pic of me and Isaac! :) *beam*
*DUH* look from Isaac hahahhaa...
pix taken on 1st Dec 2008 thereabouts

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