Wednesday, 8 April 2009

uber cute!!!

Sorry, couldn't help it - uber cute pix of my Isaac! :) This cap was actually from his infant days, but then it could still fit so I thought it was good to bring it along, coz it was supposed to be cold cold cold in winter in the usa...Ain't he a sweetie... *swoooon*...
Yes, this is Changi airport, before our gazillion-houred flight to San Francisco...
Cheeky Isacky!
Don't you think Isaac looks kinda different in these pix? Don't look like him, hor?
Look! My Matthew actually shaved! In anticipation of all the pix we'd be taking, I told him - "So you better shave!" kekeke...
And here's my Isaac on the trolley, with all the hand carry... hahaha...pix taken on 29th November 2009
Isaac @ a week to 16 months

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