Monday, 6 April 2009

Update on Isaac's speech capabilities

Since the last time I updated about Isaac's speech capabilities when he was about 18 months old - he has made marked improvement and can now say many more words now - at exactly 20 months today 6th April 2009.

Isaac now identifies colours and shapes, and can say aloud their names - though some words are not pronounced clearly yet, but most of them are.
Colours - red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, white.
Shapes - square, circle, triangle, star, heart, diamond.

Isaac also recognises animals and can make the sounds of some animals. He also knows how to sign some of the animals.
Animals (say & sign & sound) - cat, dog, horse
Animals (say & sign) - fish
Animals (say & sound) - tiger
Animals (say only) - monkey, frog, duck, turtle, deer
Animals (action) - elephant - he stamps his feet on the floor - coz we told him that that's how elephants walk.

Oh he can say elephant only in chinese - da4 xiang4! He also knows mao1 (cat), gou3 (dog), yu2 (fish), lao2 hu3 (tiger), hu2 die2 (butterfly), lu4 (deer), wu1 gui1 (turtle).

Isaac loves vehicles too. Cars & trains are his favourites.
Vehicles - car (and che1), train and truck.

When he is out in the sun, or sun shines in his eyes when we're in the car - he would say "Hot!" then I would always correct him "Bright, Isaac, it is bright, not hot." Then he would repeat "Bright!" "Yes, Isaac, bright. Or glaring also can, but not hot." "Bright!" he says.

Another word he can say very well is "Okay!" coz we always say "Okay, okay!" to him. And "Wait!" coz we always tell him to wait. hahahhaa... you see the pattern?! hahaha...

He can repeat most of the one-syllable words and sounds we ask him to. However, for alphabets, he can't seem to say M and N. Most of the rest of the alphabets, he can repeat after us. We realised that he can even recognise some of them and say them out on his own. These are:
Alphabets: S, W, O, C, I... He tends to mix up L and T, C and G, E and B, I and J... But we're very surprised that he can recognise some of them to begin with, so we're not complaining. We were especially surprised that one of the first alphabets that he can recognise and say is "W" - since it is 3 syllables long!

Numbers - haven't really 'tested' him on numbers, but noticed that he recognises 3, 4 and 7.

Okay, till the next update! :)

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