Friday, 10 July 2009

Dreaming of food?

No, not me. Isaac! These past two weeks, Isaac has been waking up at wee hours of the night (think 2.30am, 3am, 4am) to ask for food or drink.

Started last week. One night he asked for water, which we gave him his water bottle that we always have in standby by the bed at night. He threw a tantrum, and only settled down when we gave him "water in a cup" (as opposed to water in a bottle).

Then he woke up at 4am one night, sat up in bed, and asked for "apple juice". This is his new fad which he picked up during our recent trip to Australia, coz we were drinking lots of apple juice and orange juice there cos it was so cheap. He'd never had apple juice before the trip, so it was his new fav.

But we certainly weren't going to give him apple juice at 4am?! So we just kept telling him that it's time for sleeping, and that he could have water, but not juice at this hour. However, he just kept droning on in a whiny voice that he wants apple juice. He literally chanted "apple juice apple juice apple juice apple juice..." for like 15 minutes (while hubbs and I were trying to continue sleeping while telling him to go back to sleep)

Finally, hubbs was so irritated with his whiny chanting that he said in a very stern voice:"Papa's going to count to 10 ah!" (see how unclear men can be?) So I translated to Isaac:"Isaac, Papa's going to count to 10 and he wants you to stop making noise by then, ok? Stop it. Go back to sleep. Be a good boy, please."

By this time, hubbs had already begun his counting. "1, 2, 3..." Isaac paused when told that hubbs was going to count to 10, but he continued chanting... "... 4, 5, 6..." "Isaac, Papa is angry ah. You must stop making noise by the time he counts to 10 ah..." "... 7, 8..." Isaac lowered his voice but continued chanting in a whisper... By the time we got to "... 9, 10. " He crawled over to me and started whisper chanting in my face "Mama, apple juice. Mama apple juice..."

I quickly whispered to Isaac :"Isaac, Papa angry already. Stop already lah. Quick, go back to sleep. We drink apple juice tomorrow. Papa angry already!" Finally Isaac kept quiet, and eventually drifted off to sleep. Approximately every hour after that, Isaac would suddenly start chanting "apple juice apple juice" like he just startled himself awake, and remembered that he wanted apple juice. However, thankfully, he'd stop after a short while, and fall back asleep.

The morning after, we were kinda amused with what'd happened. It was the first time hubbs had made a threat like that. Well, sort of. So, we realised that Isaac now kinda understood what it meant for when his Papa is angry, and he sorta knew that there'd be some kind of consequences when Papa was angry. Interesting.

Last night, Isaac woke at 2.30am, sat up in bed and said:"Eat bread! Eat bread!" Goodness. Think it was kinda cloudy out, so the sky looked kinda bright, so I thought it was like 6am or something. If it was 6am, I was half willing to get out of bed to get the bread for him - afterall, maybe my darling son was REALLY hungry, right? ;p So I muttered:"Bread? okay..."

But I checked the time and it was 2.30am?! Sighz. There we go again. He was chanting and getting frustrated already. I just said:"er... darling, it is 2.30am you know. Can you go back to sleep, please." And thankfully this time, he was sleepy enough to be at it for only a few minutes, and he dropped back off to sleep.

So I was discussing with hubbs this morning. What's up, man? Last week, we can understand, coz he had a fever running, and that made him cranky. But his fever is long gone, and he asks for bread at 2.30am in the morning? Is he really hungry or what?

But he eats quite a lot. Dinner time, approx 7pm, he'd eat a whole bowl of rice, plus food. Last night, he ate meat and fishball, and soup too. When we got home about 9.45pm, he asked for bread. We went to buy a loaf and he ate a whole slice of bread on his own.

It was the same on Tuesday night. After dinner, he ate 2 pieces of bread, and he woke up at 3am asking to "Eat milk!" Geeez... you'd think we were starving him!

Ah well, maybe he's a growing boy yeah... need lotsa food. He eats more than I do! (And that's saying something!)

Well lucky for hubbs, I don't have such wee-hour cravings for food or drink... I wouldn't have cared whether he counted to 10 or 100, he'd better get it for me! hahaha...


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