Friday, 28 August 2009


Anecdote: : a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident (from Merriam Webster online dictionary)

Isaac is now 2 and we're usually full of anecdotes of him, like how he did something, what he said etc. Perhaps we're the perfect example of doting parents to whom whatever their beloved child does, is amusing and cute.

I just wanted to start sharing more of these anecdotes with you, as they're coming on pretty often now. And, frankly, I want to record them down, so that I would not forget them. I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I am paranoid about forgetting my happy memories, which is why I sorta started this blog to begin with, coz I was afraid I'd forget what it was like with the kids when they were young. For, whenever I asked my mum:"Last time I also like that?" or whatever question it may be, her usual answer is:"I don't know, I can't remember already." I don't think she intentionally forgets, just that, it's so long ago! Some things people ask me now about my pregnancy with Isaac, I can't remember either! And that's just 2 years ago!

So I shall start my anecdote telling. kekeke... pardon me if my anecdotes "doesn't sound like much"... :p

This morning, hubbs decided to take the car. So he has to send me to work, send Isaac to my in laws, then he'd go to work himself. Usually, if we're not too late, we'd have breakfast together, before he drops me off at my office.

This morning, we went to a hawker centre where we both had meepok bak chor mee (erm, noodles, basically). I kept Isaac busy with bread spread with peanut butter that I had prepared at home. He used to eat the peanut butter with the bread. But recently, he 'learnt' to open the bread, and use his finger to just dig out the peanut butter and eat the peanut butter!

I say learnt, coz, I was just commenting to hubbs:" Hummph, dunno where he learn such behaviour from?!" To which hubbs muttered:"Sometimes, such things, you don't need to 'learn' from anywhere one... It's..." "Instinctive?" I offered.

sighz. So, Isaac would dig out the peanut butter and return us the bread peanut-butter-less. So naturally, he didn't, technically, eat very much. When hubbs and I were done and started to leave the hawker centre, Isaac walked along as well.

Suddenly, just as we were about to cross from the hawker centre to the carpark, Isaac stopped in his tracks. We looked at him. He looked kinda concerned and puzzled at the same time. He made the sign for eat (hand with fingers closed, to the mouth), and said "Eat!" He pointed at the hawker centre and said again "Eat!"

Hahahaha... then we realised what/why he was doing that. He was wondering why we were leaving the hawker centre when he was had not had his fill yet! hahahahaa...

So I told him:"You want somemore bread?" He said:"Butterfly bread." I said:"Okay, then we go get in the car first, then Mummy give you butterfly bread, okay?" Only then was he willing to walk to the car.

Yes, he calls peanut butter bread - butterfly bread. When it first happened, I kept wondering what was he saying. Hahaha... guess we know which word he knows first!

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