Tuesday, 25 August 2009

At Austin, Texas with Garrett & Alyssa

Okay after a long break... and a flash to the present for Isaac's Birthday Special posts, we're now back to continue the past , Dec 2008 trip to America. In this post, we're in Texas, USA and Isaac is about 16 months old.

He's such a big boy now, isn't he? Hahaha... but in these pix from Dec 2008, he still looks so babyish... so cute!!! :p

Zhenguo, hubbs' partner in crime in their secondary school days, whom we visited in Dallas, Texas, has kindly agreed to drive us to Austin, Texas, our next stop, where we'd stay with my friends Garrett & Alyssa. We had a great drive to Austin in good weather. Hubbs and Zhenguo had a nice long chat reminiscing their schooldays, while Isaac and I had a good nap most of the way.
This above, is us going out for dinner with Garrett & Alyssa after we arrived at their place in Austin. Now, in uploading these pictures, I realised something: we haven't taken enough pix!?!? damn!!! Next time we meet up, I'm gonna take TONS of pix, guys!!!

The restaurant we're at is Chuy's, a great TexMex place in Austin. Garrett & Alyssa brought me there in 2004 when I visited Garrett then (just before their wedding, I remember! ;p) I had such a great meal there that I demanded to be brought back there again this time, so that hubbs can try it too!
The next morning, was a Sunday morning. We went along with Alyssa and Garrett to attend their church service, which was held at the local secondary school - Austin High School.
It was interesting to be at the school. It reminded me of a lot of american sitcoms and movies which have scenes of schools before. Unfortunately, the sign below also reminded me of those mass killings by students/individuals who basically went amok, like in the Columbine school incident.
Hey look here below! It's Garrett & Alyssa's house! Nice, huh!? :) Garrett runs a real estate company and essentially got this house built himself, as in, everything managed by him, using subcontractors.
Very nice neighbourhood! Soooo from the movies, isn't it?
Look, they even have a real fireplace in the house! Think it could be lit electronically though, technology!!!
Hehehe... Cute pic huh, pity I have some shadows on my face :p blehhh!
Sighz, if only we could have a house like that in Singapore... kekeke... would probably cost us at least S$1.5 million (approx US$1 million) to S$2million for something like that here...
We went to the park for a lunch picnic! hehehe easier sitting on the bench than on the ground. We packed food from the supermarket before we came.
There was a nice playground where Isaac had a good time...
So did Garrett... *snigger*...
Isaac on the swing! :) Since quite a young age, he could sit on the swing fine, and didn't need any support. He knows how to hold on tight, and even swing himself a little.
Happy Spidey Boy!!! I love the Isaac smiley pix!
We caught the Zilker Zephyr train ride! was fun!!! :) adults got to go on it too!
It was just a simple train ride around a park, but we enjoyed it tremendously.
What's hubbs waving to? Lotsa 'people'!!! Hahaha... cartoon characters to be exact! This was the Christmas display that's just going up. It was going to be lit the following weekend, so it was a shame that we'd miss it. But it was still good fun for us to see it on the train ride.
Look at Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall! hahaha... It would be so traumatic to watch him fall and be never put back together again!
Ah... Beauty & the Beast - one of my favourite cartoons of all time! Together with Little Mermaid!
Look, we even got serenaded on the ride!
We had a great afternoon, and Isaac slept in the car, on the way back.
Garrett & Alyssa cooked dinner that night. We had a great meal, with freshly baked home made cookies by Alyssa for afters too! We bought chicken drumsticks and cooked chicken soup for Isaac, and he ate that with white rice. He ate A LOT that night! :)
In fact, we had the fantastic cookies while playing Acquire - a fantastic real estate game I bought for Garrett and Alyssa as a gift. It's one of my (and hubbs') favourite games.
Hehehe... this is the morning after. We saved the chicken soup and rice from the night before, and Isaac had it for breakfast as well! Yes, he actually has rice for breakfast!
Then Alyssa brought us to visit the Texas State Capitol! We had a nice time there! We even chanced upon a school chior singing there.
Kekeke... guess who's from Texas...
Isaac was actually so comfortable with Alyssa that he allowed her to hold his hand! :)
Hahaha Isaac was so comfortable with Garrett that he allowed Garrett to carry him, and even gave Garrett a hug! :) It's quite a rarity for Isaac really, he's one that's quite slow to 'warm up'.
Isaac playing with Alyssa's gym ball.
Outdoor BBQ! cool!!! hahaha...
The house is beside this small park, which was nice, coz you could see the dogs playing and running in the park in the evenings.
Dinner outside and after that we kinda chilled out back home. Finishing our game of Acquire from the previous night.
Garrett keeping Isaac entertained with his Ferrari car while we conducted our hotel takeovers :p
This picture below is the last one we took at Austin, Isaac enjoying his bath with hubbs in the nice bathtub in our attached bathroom.
pictures above taken over 7th, 8th & 9th December 2009
Isaac @ 16 months

Looking back, I kind regret not taking more pictures. Especially with Alyssa and Garrett. Sighz, and who knows when we'd get to meet again. Now that I've visited Garrett twice, we're trying to make them come visit us! kekeke...

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