Tuesday, 8 September 2009

California Academy of Sciences

Back to San Francisco, USA! It probably seems like we had a very long trip, but it's not lah, it's just that the pix are so spread out that it seems we were there a long time! hahahaha... Here we are at the California Academy of Sciences - it's very nicely done and highly recommended to visit if you're in San Francisco.
It's kinda like a large Science Centre... covers anything from old bones, to being environmentally friendly, to having a huge aquarium...
The aquarium kept Isaac entranced for awhile... until...

He found some new firends! :) He's quite friendly and likes to meet other kids.
Yes, especially lil girls... :p
Isaac had a good time too, so much so he was all tired out at the end of the visit! By the time we got back to town, near where we were staying, Isaac had woken up. Also, he was hungry... :p
Isaac is quite a neat kid, in the sense that he likes to arrange stuff and stack stuff... so like see these milk cups here - could keep him entertained for most part of the meal - something we're quite glad for!
Isaac is quite patient when it comes to stacking... here, take a look! :)

pix & vid taken on Dec 2008
Isaac @ 16 months!

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