Thursday, 6 August 2009

Isaac's Two! A Tale of Two Celebrations

We had 2 celebrations for Isaac's birthday again. Had a Tan Family gathering at my parents place, with my uncles, aunties and cousins from my father's side over for a lunch gathering the Sunday before Isaac's birthday, 2nd August 2009.
See this Barney cake - we got from the same bakery that did last year's Spiderman cake. The Spiderman cake was much better coz it had soft chocolate coating, which was very nice. This time round, they said can't have soft chocolate coating coz then they wouldn't be able to draw Barney properly. Ah well. Anyway, Isaac was happy enough with the Barney cake.
Look at him staring at the cake, so much so that he didn't want to look at the camera!
We wanted to get a Thomas the Engine cake for him, but the cake store's drawings of Thomas wasn't very nice. So we thought Barney would do as well. Yes, he's currently "into" Thomas the Engine, Barney, Cars and also, of course, Spiderman. For some reason, he also likes Dora the Explorer, even though we didn't really expose him to that. Isaac did get to wear a Thomas the Engine shirt on that day though.
Isaac was quite stoned throughout the singing of the Happy Birthday song, until the end of the song when he finally realised that it was all meant for him - then he got very high and laughed loudly.
Here's Isaac blowing the candles out :) He sorta knows how to blow, coz sometimes, when we tell him that he has to wait for awhile coz his food is hot, he would imitate us and blow on the food on the spoon, before opening his mouth to eat it.
He was so excited that he quickly plucked out the candle after he had blown, before hubbs could stop him - we were afraid he'd burn his fingers on the hot candle!
See all the cheh chehs hovering around the cake... especially Isabelle! hahaha...
Look at Isaac enjoying his cake. This was actually the first time he's had cake. And so enthusiastically, at that! He's never shown interest before, and so we've not given him any before. But he happily polished off one slice that day, and after that, he would ask for cake now and again. hehehe... see who else was enjoying the cake too...
The girls are so big already huh!? Time really flies... Rebecca (below) is 6 this year, and so next year, would be attending Primary 1 already. Isabelle (above) is 4 this year, and would enter Kindergarten 1 next year.
My dad finally had airconditioning units fitted out in the living room. So, everyone was happily sitting in the living/dining room, no complains about the heat...
Here's Isaac engaged in his favourite activity at my parents place - racing around the living room table on his car with his cheh cheh Isabelle.
They had a mini F1 race going, with them both completing at least 30 laps! vrrrroooommm...
vrrroooom vrroooom!!!
Look who's in the background on the floor?!
It's Dylan! Hahaha... He's very smiley now... Look at him striking a pose!
He was also Yew Yi's good friend that day. hahaha... first time!!! All in all, it was a great gathering for the Tan Family as we hadn't gathered like that since Chinese New Year earlier this year.
pictures above taken on 2nd August 2009
Isaac @ almost 2 years old
Rebecca @ 6 years; Isabelle @ 4 years
Dylan @ four months to 2 years
Next up, on Thursday, 6th August 2009, we had a mini-birthday celebration at my parents-in-laws' home, where we went for dinner at night, after going home to take a nap after spending an entire day at the zoo.
We bought a Thomas the Engine cake from Polar! Thanks to Lili for the tip off! hahaha... Isaac was MOST PLEASED with the cake. "Thomas cake! Thomas cake!" he kept chanting.
Look at him grinning in all the pictures. Isaac is not as tense with just immediate family about. On Sunday, with the rest of Tan Family about, he was not quite himself and would cry and fuss, very unlike his usual self. But when it was just the immediate family, he's less tense and it was much easier to get him to look at the camera, take pix, etc.
He also, now knows how to pose for the camera - to look at the camera and "Say cheese!!!" flashing his cheeky grin. I particularly like this photo below - where we three all have our teeth flashing - we look alike huh?! :p
Isaac's hair is kinda long now. Coz he refuses to let me cut! He's afraid of the vibration of the shaving equipment. I told him I could just use the scissors, which would not have any vibration. But he was just so afraid at the idea of cutting hair that he refused to let me cut his hair. We decided not to traumatise him, and let his hair grow out a bit.
I did managed to trim his fringe with the scissors, without him knowing - hubbs sat him down in the bathtub to bathe him, distracting him with the water, while I sat on the toilet bowl, and fingered his hair, cutting it. Isaac thought I was just running my hands through his hair like I always do, and so didn't realise I was cutting his hair. I didn't dare trim the hair around his ears though, for fear of cutting him - the scissors are very very sharp!
Isaac blowing, and cheering when he managed to blow out the candles.
See the 3 generations of Tan men here...
And here's a preview of how Isaac's hairline will develop over the next 70 years...
Yummy! Isaac loved the cake. He ate his own cake, and asked for more! "More cake! More cake!"
I bought Isaac 2 suits of matching pants and top - one set of Thomas and one set of Barney! He was sooooo pleased and immediately wanted to put on the Thomas set.
Told him to stand straight to pose for me, but he happily went on to jump on the bed.
So all in all, think Isaac had a great time this birthday :) Here's a toast to our happy boy, Isaac!

pictures above taken on 2nd August 2009
Isaac @ almost 2 years old

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