Monday, 28 September 2009

Leaving SF for Stanford

USA pix again! Here we are nearing the end of our trip, where we spent most of our time in Stanford with my sister and her family.
No, no this old lady here is not my sister?! She's this nice old lady we met at the hostel we stayed in San Francisco. We see her around the entire time we were there. So, on the last day, when we were having our breakfast, we took this picture with her. That's one thing we like about staying at the hostel, get to meet people! :)
Here we are at the San Francisco Caltrain station, waiting for our train to Stanford.
Take train! Take train! We were saying that this is a nice trip for Isaac in the sense that he got to sit on everything! Plane lah, train lah, tram lah, bus lah - he really enjoyed it all.
See, double decker train cabins! cool huh! kekeke...
Oooops, getting sleepy, Isaac boy!
We got off the train and look what we saw!? Teachers bringing kindergarten kids on a ride on the train! so cool! hahaha... My sister kindly met us at the train station, to fetch us to her place where we'd be staying for the next few days, before flying back to Singapore.
It was a nice reunion, and lil Isaac certainly enjoyed playing with his cheh cheh Isabelle. They were really the 'best of friends' that trip! :)
Here we are at the mall, where my sister had to buy something to wear for a dinner that she was going to with my bro-in-law.
Isaac took to stair climbing there, and we weren't as worried about it as here, coz it was carpeted.

pix and vid taken as off 11th December 2008
Isaac at 16 months
Natalie at 13 months

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