Monday, 14 September 2009

Twins FAQ: Both sides kicking?

Another frequently asked question is: Can you feel both sides kicking? Which twin kicks more?

Well, at the moment, the babies are too small for me to figure out which kick comes from which baby, and I'm not sure I'd be able to in future when I am more advance either (I'd tell you then).

The thing is, I feel kicks all around my stomach, just like I used to when it was just Isaac inside. Even then, albeit I knew that it was Isaac kicking - since he was the only one inside - but I did NOT know whether it was his hand or his feet kicking, or perhaps it was his head or bum butting out at me.

So I'm not sure I'd know this time, who it is kicking, and from which part of their anatomy either! :p I have heard of people who have felt kicks and look down to see a footprint or a handprint 'sticking out' of their tummy. Sounds incredulous to me though, coz I have never seen it or anything close to that before! :p

If you guys have any questions about being pregnant with twins, feel free to post it in comments or the cbox on the right. Will try my best to answer! :p

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