Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Last USA post

Okay, finally we're at my last USA post. Think comparatively, we taken much lesser pictures this trip compared to our other trips. Pix fatigue! hahaha...The last few days, we did quite a spot of shopping at the factory outlet stores. Was quite fun, but as we were trying not to spend unnecessarily, we hardly bought ourselves stuff though we did end up buying lotsa clothes and stuff for Isaac.

Isaac had a fun time at the shops. Running here and there, and making friends and sitting on kiddy rides. We don't insert coins for them though - didn't want to get him hooked on that. Even till today, we just let him sit on kiddy rides without inserting coins in them.
We saw a coupla interesting shops, such as this huge skateboard shop here...
And this whole array of gumball machines. The gumballs are so huge I wonder how does one eat them.
We went to the Farmers' Market during the weekend too.
Isaac had a great time playing with the girls. Isabelle in particular, and Natalie too. Becca was kinda busy with school and all that she was almost always occupied - in school, or trying to get to sleep early to get ready for school the next day!
See Isaac with Natalie... Isaac's a bit taller than Natalie is... he's about 3 months older than she is.
And the best friends of the trip...
Isabelle and Isaac! They were really best friends this trip.
pix above taken between 12th - 16th December 2008

All in all, even we so-called didn't get to do much, we had a fantastic time this trip to USA. It was our first trip with Isaac which made it great fun, and also coz we got to catch up with friends and family. We sure were glad we decided to make this trip :)

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