Saturday, 17 October 2009

Roadtrip with Ian Tan!

We're nearing the end of our Dec 2008 trip to California USA. The last few days were spent largely at Stanford with my sister and her family. On this day on 14th December 2009, we went on a daytrip to the Carmelite missionary - or something like that.
Stopped by this lovely spot along the way. We seldom have pix with all three of us in it, so couldn't resist uploading both here :p
This is Ian! He's our friend, Singaporean, but was studying and now working in Los Angeles. He was so sweet - drove all the way from LA to Stanford to meet us. My sister says that's like driving down from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore just to see us! So sweet, right?!
Not only that, he was our driver for our daytrip! He was really a godsend as it was not possible for us to all fit in my brother-in-law's car for this daytrip, so if Ian joined us on this trip, we could all sit comfortably in 2 cars. We kept thanking him for coming to meet us, but he says that it is seldom that we have come so near, and so, what's a little driving. Thanks so much, Ian! :p
Here we are at our destination! :)
Natalie and Isaac :p and Becca below...

This above is a mistletoe tree! Look at this great pic! :) See Isaac laughing!? hahaha...
See Isaac all shacked out from the travelling :p
We dropped by a nearby town for lunch.
We really had a good time catching up with Ian that day, as we had a lot of talking time on the road while driving in between places. Were really glad he came to look us up. Thanks again, bud! :)
pictures taken on 14th December 2008
Isaac @ 16 months
Natalie @ 13 months
Isabelle @ 3 years plus
Rebecca @ 5 years

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