Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Surprise!!! Dragon Phoenix Twins!!!

Guess what?! kekeke... you know how I told you guys that the twins were identical twins, and so we were expecting two girls? hehehe... well, they're not! Apparently, they're fraternal twins, and a boy and a girl! :)

Hahahaha... this pregnancy has been full of surprises for us. For the first 5 visits to the gynae, we had a surprise at each visit. This is how the timeline went:

4 weeks
We tested positive on the home pregnancy test kit. Yay! But we didn't go see gynae yet, coz we know if you go to the gynae too early - baby still too small, can't see anything on the scan! So should wait for a few more weeks, don't waste money kekke...

7 weeks - 1st gynae visit
Dr Ang could identify one baby on the screen. We saw its heart beating, and heard the heartbeat. "Congrats! You're pregnant!" yay!!!

11 weeks - 2nd gynae visit
Dr Ang slathered on the gel and started scanning my tummy and... "Pamela! You're having twins!!!" We could clearly see two babies on the screen, each in their own amniotic sacs. It was without a doubt, twins! Dr Ang could only identify one placenta though, hence her conclusion that this was a set of identical twins - i.e. twins that split from one fertilised egg (hence only one placenta).

16 weeks - 3rd gynae visit
Dr Ang says that we should be able to see the gender of the babies during this visit. She scanned around the babies, and only managed to see the gender of one of the babies - a girl. However, since we thought that the twins were identical twins, so it was assumed that it was a pair of girls.

21 weeks - 4th gynae visit (plus detailed scan before that)
We had our 5th month detailed scan on the same day at the hospital wing, before our gynae visit. We had a great time, as this time (compared to the detailed scan during Isaac's time), the machines seemed much better in the sense that they provided very clear pictures of the babies. We could see the different parts of their bodies etc. Previously with Isaac, it was difficult to make out what was what. Technology has improved!

The sonographer (the professional scanner person) was scanning around and said at one point "Ah, you know the gender of your babies already?" hubbs and I looked at each other and I said "Er, yah... they're supposedly 2 girls..." "Oh?" said the sonographer. hubbs and I glanced at each other and started laughing "Why?" I said "Now got boy ah? hahaha..." Somehow, we were kinda used to having surprises in this pregnancy that we weren't all that surprised to hear that - "Yah! I can see one boy and one girl here!" the sonographer said.

Still laughing away, hubbs said "Sure or not? Can confirm?" The sonopragher frowned, perplexed that our doctor's diagnosis is different from hers when she could clearly see "The penis - you see here." Yes, we could see, very clearly indeed. After 'taking a picture' of the penis, she proceeded to show us the 'hamburger sign' of the baby girl "See, three lines, the hamburger sign. Girl." she said as she took a picture of it.

After the scan, we went to see Dr Ang. She was as amazed as we were "I'm very happy for you, even though it proves me wrong!" she said, looking at the scans. "Dr Ang, your machine must change already lah. Upgrade! Upgrade!" hubbs teased her. "Yah, think must upgrade already." she agreed.

Well, needless to say, we were ecstatic! Hahaha... It was perfect! To have a boy and a girl for twins is the best case scenario ever! Praise the Lord! hahaha... He has been having fun with us. But we're more than pleased. Now, everyday, I just pray that He blesses the twins with good health in everyway - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!!!

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