Monday, 12 October 2009

Twins FAQ: How different is it from carrying one?

This is the other most frequently asked question, especially from people who have kids of their own (and hence have gone through a pregnancy of their own).

Well, compared to the time when I was pregnant with Isaac, I must say, in super short summary, the difference is:"Heavier lor." Hahahaha... (that answer is reserved for colleagues who pop this question when we walk past each other - in different directions!)

But seriously, I call this the "accelerated pregnancy" - I'm getting more and more pregnant at a faster rate, compared to when I was carrying one baby only. It's like, my tummy gets bigger faster - it's like even though hubbs and I see myself everyday - it looks to us everyday that my tummy is bigger than the day before. It doesn't seem to grow gradually, it seems to grow exponentially!

Also, I seem to have leaped from 1st trimester to the 3rd trimester! In the beginning, I was always sleepy, very characteristic of the 1st trimester. I had to take 10 - 15 minute naps during lunch to last me for the next half of the day.

When I entered 2nd trimester, I didn't have to take naps anymore. I had looked forward to the 2nd trimester, when it's traditionally 'easier', when pregnant women feel most alert, and full of energy. But *groan* I was wrong!

This time, my 2nd trimester felt like my 3rd trimester of when I had Isaac! I feel very heavy already, tummy huge, and all the symptoms of advanced pregnancy came at me full force! Bad back aches! Unable to find a comfortable sleeping position. I am simply getting all the advanced pregnancy symtoms earlier and in a more serious fashion. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome! During Isaac's time, this affected me to the extent that my hands would go numb. But now, my whole bloody arm, both arms! would go numb! Sighz. But well, at the moment, this only happens when I sleep at night. (my hands used to go numb during the day during Isaac's time) So I think, the worse is yet to come, when my arms would go numb during the day as well.

Now, at 25th week, I suppose I am considered to be in my 3rd trimester? My tummy is pretty big such that people ask me if I am to pop anytime soon. Colleagues who see me every other day all comment that my tummy looks like it's grown bigger again, even though they saw me not too long ago!

All in all, it's just more tiring than before, heavier... Don't know if its coz I am older now that when I was pregnant with Isaac, or that it's my second pregnancy, or whether it is coz I'm carrying two babies this time.

In any case, we're very blessed in order to have twins, so I don't want to complain too much. Just trying to enjoy the process and rejoice in this miracle of life! :) Oh and continue praying for His blessings that the twins are healthy in every way, and that we three can tahan all the way till 38 weeks at least! :) Pray for us! ;p

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  1. sounds heavy ! but you can do it ! But seriously had no idea that carpel tunnel is one of the things that happens to preggie women! take care now! take pics and show me leh!


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