Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The $300 Cars playmat

I finally bought it. I spent $300 on this Cars playmat. I have been salivating after it since Isaac was born, but I had restrained myself from buying it till Isaac was 18 months old. Not bad, I'd say, for my self-restrain!

I'd first seen the playmats for sale on the bulk purchase threads off forum, when Isaac was born. But there was no need for it then, and also, I heard that some kids just couldn't sit still. They just can't play at their designated play area.

So, we bought a those 'abc sponge squares' from the church's thrift shop for like $5 for a huge bag of it, washed it, laid it out, and see if Isaac would sit and play in our designated play area for him. And he did!

So after many months (had to be sure, right?), I decided that if I spent the money to buy this playmat, it would be put to good use. And so I took the plunge and ordered it.

We loved it. It was beautiful, a sight to behold with it's vibrant colours and the nice spongy texture that felt durable to the touch. Guests who have seen it often ask us where we got it from and how much it costs us.

The price doesn't fail to make jaws drop. But, it's our personal experience that it has been worth it. It's one of our best baby buys! :) No regrets! *phew* ;p

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