Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ah Beng haircut

Look at Isaac's Ah Beng haircut! I thought it looked quite Ah Beng lah. But quite nice right? I cute one!!! hahahaha...
Isaac is still refusing to allow me to cut his hair. So, the only way I can cut his hair is when he is asleep. And I have to be quick and light about it, coz he is very sensitive! He can sense me cutting his hair and he would start fussing and throw a fit.
This cut turned out very nicely indeed - considering he was lying down on the rubber mat when I cut his hair!
The pictures below are taken in the morning just before his hair cut!
Looks so different, isn't it?! What a difference a haircut makes!
Sigh... if only Isaac would allow me to cut his hair properly...
pix taken on 13th September 2009
Isaac @ 2 years & 1 month

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